Knowledge Security: Safeguarding Against Espionage and Data Leakage

In today's interconnected world, knowledge has become an asset. From research and development to intellectual property, organizations invest significant resources in generating and leveraging knowledge. However, with the rise of adversarial strategic intentions and the exploitation of open science, the need for robust knowledge security measures has never been more critical. Espionage, unwanted knowledge transfers, data leakage, and the misuse of dual-use technology pose significant threats to organizations' intellectual capital. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of knowledge security and explore how advanced risk analysis tools and platforms like Data Abyss can help protect against these security threats.

Parallax Advanced Research, a 501(c)3 private nonprofit research institute in Beavercreek, OH, introduced Data Abyss in 2022, their inaugural commercial offering, delivering research intelligence analytics to assist researchers and institutions in combating the exploitation of their work by strategic competitors. 

See below graph example of the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligent Technology, CAS Network showing very high and extreme risks based on affiliations with the People’s Liberation Army. This graph was developed leveraging Data Abyss;


Understanding Knowledge Security

Knowledge security refers to the measures and practices put in place to protect valuable intellectual assets from unauthorized access, theft, or misuse. It encompasses various aspects, including research and development, research integrity, foreign government interference, espionage, intellectual property theft, and data leakage. Effective knowledge security programs are essential to safeguarding the research enterprise and maintaining the competitive advantage of organizations in today's global landscape.

Identifying and Mitigating Security Threats

To effectively combat security threats, organizations need advanced tools and techniques that can analyze vast amounts of data, identify potential risks, and provide actionable intelligence. This is where platforms like Data Abyss come into play. Data Abyss offers forward-thinking risk analysis capabilities specifically developed for research security and knowledge security programs. By leveraging artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and data analytics, it transforms raw data into actionable risk-based intelligence.

Data Abyss's Capabilities

·       Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis: Data Abyss enables the collection, analysis, labeling, and visualization of various data elements, including people, places, publications, organizations, technologies, funding, and social profiles. By analyzing these data points, it uncovers hidden relationships and correlations that may indicate potential security risks.

·       Advanced Risk Analysis: With its suite of risk analysis tools, Data Abyss helps identify and evaluate the risk associated with specific entities or collaborations. By tagging entities with risk and impact indicators, analysts can assess potential threats more effectively and take appropriate measures to mitigate risks.

·       Monitoring Emerging Technologies: The platform's Rivalry feature enhances intelligence analysts' ability to identify science and technology trends. By using advanced algorithms, risk analysis, and visual analytics, analysts can track emerging technologies with potential impacts on national interests. This allows organizations to stay ahead of strategic competitors and protect critical technologies.

·       Chinese Organizational Network Analysis: Data Abyss provides a comprehensive understanding of relationships across the science and technology spectrum of Chinese organizations. With billions of connections, this analysis helps identify potential affiliations, collaborations, or risks associated with entities from China.

Enhancing Knowledge Security with Data Abyss

Data Abyss's impact on knowledge security is significant. As the only known adversarial strategic science and technology-focused Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) search engine, it offers commercial-ready products for research security, counterintelligence, IP protection, and more. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities ensure continuous access to valuable information, employing deep web collection techniques and maintaining science and technology data archives.

The Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligent Technology at CAS also collaborates with many institutions in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Russia.


In an era of increasing security threats and exploitation of knowledge assets, organizations must prioritize knowledge security. Protecting against espionage, unwanted knowledge transfers, data leakage, and the misuse of dual-use technology is paramount for maintaining a competitive advantage and preserving national and economic security. Advanced risk analysis tools and platforms like Data Abyss play a crucial role in identifying and mitigating potential security threats, providing organizations with actionable intelligence to safeguard their critical knowledge assets. Embracing these technologies is a proactive step towards a safer and more secure future.

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